summer ateliër


born 14-10-45 in amsterdam from swedish ancestors, 

came at a young age in contact with all forms of art, 

able to translate stored information into images at a later age.




by the way of studying literature and philosophy,

her training was with 'jannel' in maastricht (1986-1992).

her work to date consists of more than 500 canvases of medium and large

medium and large format,

she presented her work through:

groups- and solo- exhibitions in:

*     galerie tracé in maastricht (1996,1997, 2006)

*     solo "la butte aux bois" in lanaken, belgium (1996)

*     annual spring exhibition "galerie amstaete" in 's hertogenbosch/rosmalen (1998 - 2002)

*     koorinca gallery in amsterdam (1998)

*     “bon ton" gallery in helmond/stiphout (1998)

*     gallery art-chamber "g" in maastricht (2000)

*     general bank/fortisbank, vrijthof in maastricht (1999-2000)

*     open studios in maastricht (2002)

*     art fair in eindhoven (2001 & 2002)

*    gallery etienne & van loon in oisterwijk (2004 & 2005)

*     bonhomme gallery in liège (2007)

*     annual art presentation in wallonia of the 'foundation rené thewissen' (2013 & 2015)

*     gallery passion in saint george sur meuse (2015)

*     solo exhibition "voie de vie", carpet barracks in maastricht (2015)

*     group exhibition court of maastricht (2015)

*     solo exhibition "dans ma tour" in hozémont (2017)

*       permanent exhibition at “Vroenhof” in houthem (2023 - ….)

and through the loaning of paints:

*     galerie lambert in valkenswaard (1995-1997)

*     gallery tracé in maastricht (1998-2012)

*     bonnefantenmuseum in maastricht (1998-2012)

*     gallery etiëne & van loon (2003-2005)

and through studio purchases & private commissions:

b.o. bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht (2002)

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